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Tricks that Home Stagers use to Increase a Home’s Value

When selling a home, some homeowners opt to hire a professional home stager who can help hasten the sale while increasing the value that their home can command. Through home staging, a seller can have his home arranged and decorated accordingly to make it more pleasing to the eyes and more appealing to prospective buyers. If you are wondering how home stagers are able to pull off the trick, here are some of the basics that they perform:


  1. Taking out the clutter – One of the most fundamental steps professional home stagers take in turning a home into a more appealing one is taking out all of the clutter. This means that any form of trash like paper, old cartons, newspapers, and anything that is no longer being used or necessary should be discarded accordingly. Keeping all of the clutter inside the house will most likely turn off prospective buyers and lessen the appeal of the house.


  1. Restoring the old look – Another trick that home stagers are very good at is restoring the house to its pristine condition, or something close to it. The home’s aesthetics and the overall vibe it brings to prospective homebuyers play a huge role in the latter’s decision. Moreover, a home that looks fresh and brand new will enable sellers to ask for a higher price compared to a home that looks plain.


  1. Pulling off an illusion – Home stagers also specialize in pulling off an illusion that makes your home bigger than how it usually looks. By positioning fixtures like mirrors in the right places and rearranging some of your furniture, on top of adding a few new colors here and there, home stagers are able to make homes look bigger. By making homes look bigger, owners will be able to command a higher selling price for their house.


  1. They make everything functional – Professional home stagers also do a fine job of making as many things functional as possible. Prospective homebuyers who see that a home is fully functional won’t find it hard to consider buying that particular home. If they see that the house already has practically all the essentials they need for daily living, then the chances of them buying the property go higher.


  1. Increasing the curb appeal – Lastly, home stagers can easily transform the house, particularly its exterior to increase its overall curb appeal. They can do some magic in the property’s landscape by adding flowers and giving the lawn some trimming.